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DECEMBER 18, 2000



Debbie Morgan facilitated the meeting.  Gayle Felton was unable to be present for the teaching hour that had been planned, so the group decided to hold its business meeting for the first hour, leaving the second hour for introductions, sharing, and socializing.


Calendar for 2001:  meeting dates are Jan 22, Feb 19, Mar 19. Apr 23. May 21, June 7-10 Annual Conference, Fayetteville, July 16. July 25-29 Convocation, Tacoma, WA, Aug 20, Sept 17.

Worship:  Sunday, Feb. 4, 2001, with Peter Story preaching. The service will be planned by Jeanie Aycock, Bill King, and Buddy Dean.  Helen King will ask if the service can be held at Duke Memorial UMC.  It was agreed that this worship service would receive wide publicity by sending information to other churches in the Triangle, such as Pullen Baptist, UCC in Chapel Hill, etc.

Response to Same-Sex Unions at Duke Chapel:  Bill King gave a detailed report of the process of the committee appointed by President Kohane to study issue of same-sex unions being performed in Duke Chapel.  It was decided by the group that Laurie Coffman would write a note of support to the president and that those present who wished to would sign the letter.

Meeting Configuration:  It was agreed that education, business, and support/social time would be a part of each meeting during the coming year.  Fifteen minutes at the end of each meeting would be reserved for the meeting of the three committees:  worship, outreach, education.

Outreach Report:  Helen King reported that she and Bill met with a small group at Lake Junaluska in August, who were interested in forming a Reconciling Group.  A group has been formed and had held two meetings before Thanksgiving.

Helen also reported that the Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner to be held in February at Embassy Suites in Cary is in need of volunteers (who get in free).  Helen has the name and address of the contact person for anyone who is interested in volunteering.

Announcements:  Saturday, January 27 is the day the Reconciling office at Calvary will be painted.  Paint and supplies have been donated.  All who can are asked to show up at 9 AM to do the painting.

Debbie reminded everyone of the Reconciling Convocation, July 25-29 in Tacoma, Washington.  If a large group is going from the Triangle, it was suggested that group travel plans might be a good idea.

Debbie also offered the idea of RUM volunteering for the Disaster Recovery Ministry sponsored by the NC Conference.