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DECEMBER 6, 1999
The meeting was facilitated by Lois Wright.
The meeting began as always with a time of introduction, sharing, and support by all present.  This activity is one of the primary purposes for the existence of our group and each meeting begins in this manner.
Items of business were as follows:
  1. Discussion of the letter from the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church sent to "The United Methodist People Around the World" after the Council met at Lake Junaluska, NC in November of 1999.  From the discussion the following point emerged:
  2. Vickie Pruett explained the function of the e-group e-mailing system:  we are to send e-mail to which goes to Vickie; she reads and approves, then sends to everyone in the group.  She will send out another invitation to everyone to become a part of the e-group since some people feel that they did not get or did not understand the first invitation.  You will not get e-mail from Reconciling UM and Friends of NC if you are not part of the e-group.
  3. Matt Connor has designed a flier that annouces our meetings and our worship services which will run in the NC CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE each month.
  4. Matt presented a logo he developed for our group.  Nollie Apple moved that we adopt the logo and Dean Blackburn seconded the motion.  The vote was affirmative.  This logo will be put on our web page and, in time, on our mailings.
  5. There was concern expressed for the fact that Jimmy Creech is in need of financial assistance.  Anyone who wishes may send contributions directly to Jimmy.
  6. There was much discussion around the two mission statements that have been developed for our consideration.  The discussion continues.  All input is welcome.
Helen King