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JANUARY 22, 2001



23 Individuals in Attendance

1.  Worship with Peter Storey is scheduled for February 4, 2001 at Duke Memorial Methodist Church.  Dean Blackburn will head a group to begin planning the worship service.    Laurie Coffman offered to print the bulletins, Bob Erwin will do music, and special music to be conducted by Carl Johnson.  Discussion about the collection of an offering and what to do with it will be decided.  Helen will talk with Bill King about how to handle the offering.

2.  As of 12-31-00 the bank account had a balance of $732.54.  After the Christian Advocate ad for Peter Storey is paid the balance will be $610.54.  If anyone needs reimbursement for stamps or other supplies, get an email to Sam Isley ( and include your address for the check.

3.  A directory for RUM & F has been revised.  It is a public directory and will be distributed at the next meeting in February by Matt Connor.

4.  On Saturday, January 27th at 9 am there will be a paint party at Calvary United Methodist Church.  We will be painting the room RUM & Friends will be using for meetings, etc.  Everyone who wishes to help out is encouraged to come for wonderful fellowship, good food and lots of fun.

5.  It was discussed about our group meeting at other locations.  Specific interested came from University United  Methodist and Fairmont United Methodist. After some discussion it was decided that the worship committee would begin work on this.  The committee consists of Bob, Buddy, Eric and Pam.   The worship committee suggested worship services 3x per year .A date mentioned was April 29,  2001 for the first of these services.  Debbie said she would e-mail the
interested churches with possible meeting times for worship to see if they'd like to host worship.  We also agreed to ask the pastors if they would like to preach.

6.  There were introductions of all in attendance.  There were wonderful new faces, new stories and always welcomed laughter.  Even a dog came to support RUM & F.  There were several prayer concerns which we lifted to God and continue to have these individuals in our prayers.

7.  The final event of the evening was teaching and education provided by Gayle Felton.  The topic was The Position of the United Methodist Church on Heterosexism.  This was so enlightening and helpful to all.  A handout was given with a chronological history of the churches position and previous actions regarding homosexuality.  There was great discussion and a wonderful learning experience had by all.

At 9 pm the meeting ended.

Agenda items for the upcoming Meeting:

1.  Gayle Felton will conclude the discussions from this weeks meeting.

2.  We will have discussion time for the group.

Please remember that February 4th at 4 pm there will be a speaker and worship service at Duke Memorial Methodist Church.

Our next RUM & F Meeting will be help on February 19th at 7 pm in our newly painted room at Calvary United Methodist Church.  You are welcomed my friends!

Can't wait to see you guys on Saturday, God bless and have a wonderful week.

Chris Wilson